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If you are wondering what a Buyer’s Agent is…just like a real estate agent represents the seller in a property transaction, a buyer’s agent (or buyers advocate), represents the buyer in a property transaction. Its estimated that over 90% of real estate in North America is purchased using the services of a buyer’s agent, and this trend is becoming more popular in Australia as it’s a smarter way to purchase real estate.

Why use a buyers agent?


Purchasing property is stressful, we can help reduce this by:

– dealing with the agents so you don’t have to
– researching and viewing the properties
– making a short-list so you only view the best of the bunch
– expertly negotiate the sale with both price and terms in mind
– helping with decision making when it comes to crunch time


The average property buyer might negotiate on real estate 1-2 times in their life, while the opposing real estate agent does this day-in day-out as their job. Having a buyers agent on your side, gives you that edge as real estate is also our job and we can negotiate with the selling agent on a professional level.


Many people don’t know about the world of off-market real estate, but nearly 50% of transactions are complete without them ever hitting realestate.com.au. Through our professional contacts, we have access to these properties and possible show you what you’ve been missing out on. It should be noted, off-market properties are not the answer and many good properties can still be found on market.

Selection criteria

We use a very strict selection criteria and points system for each type of purchase, home buyer, investor and developer. Having this process allows us identify any potential problems, highlight the good from bad and focus on only the best properties available at any one time.


An obvious one, but important to those people who don’t want to spend every weekend for the next 3 months going to opens, putting the kids in the car, getting the kids out, paying for parking, finding parking, it goes on and on. We will do all the running around, short list only the best properties and organise private viewings for you to really experience the home.

Getting the best deal

Our aim on every purchase is to get YOU the best deal possible. We will find out the reasons for sale, what the best terms are for the seller and based on in depth research we will establish a fair market price. Taking all of this information, we will work together to formulate an appropriate and attractive offer to submit. If it’s an auction we will do the same, but we’ll also come up with a strategy/bidding plan which is key to securing a property at auction.

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