Goal Setting for 2020

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Setting goals is something that gets talked about all the time, but amongst that noise it can be hard to know where to start and how to do it properly. Goal setting done right is a smart move – and we know elephants are pretty smart -because it sets you up for success during the year, whether that be reaching a savings goal or getting that reno underway.

Here are some strategies to help you set and achieve your goals:

Set Small Milestones

We recommend setting clear and concise long-term visions, with smaller milestone goals in between. Our ambitious, big goals can gradually become overwhelming. It’s like when you’ve got a to-do list at work that seems impossible but when you break it down into smaller tasks, the satisfaction of crossing things off and making progress keeps you motivated throughout the day.

It’s About Frame Of Mind

If you catch yourself looking at that goals list and feeling resentful, it’s a good sign that you haven’t nailed them. Making a goal meaningful has a big impact on how likely you are to follow through. Noone does a good job of something if it doesn’t align with their values.

As cheesy as it is, you also need to be mindful comparing yourself to others. Everyone is at a different stage of their property buying journey (or whatever it may be) so don’t look at what the people around you are doing.

Keeping your motivation up is key to ticking goals off. If you find yourself losing it, ask why?

Keep It Real

Sometimes, everyone bites off more than they can chew. We get it, we’re elephants with gigantic mouths. When it comes to creating goals, you need to make sure that your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach and you’re keeping it realistic. There’s nothing that de-motivates faster than if realise too late that you can’t reach the goal in the time you’ve given yourself. It’s great to challenge yourself but be honest about whether you’re overshooting.


When you can finally tick off a goal on the list, celebrate! Even if it’s a tiny win, it’s still a win. Glass of wine and pat on the back well deserved.

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