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19 Dec 2019
19 Dec 2019

Goal Setting for 2020

Goal Setting for 2020

Goal Setting for 2020

Setting goals can be confusing but it’s a smart move. From unaccomplished New Year’s resolutions to uncompleted lists of goals, we always lack the motivation to achieve big goals and tasks we set for ourselves. Here, we’ll cover strategies to help you achieve the objectives you’ve set for yourselves.

But why set goals? Well, goals help to stretch and pull you into different directions and importantly, grow you as a person. As you progress into the journey, you’ll hopefully realise that you’re transforming in ways that you didn’t think were possible.

Set Small Milestones

Goals are a long-term vision that need to be clear and concise with smaller milestones in between. Our ambitions tend to gradually become overwhelming. So overwhelming that we end up dropping everything and giving up.

Remember, everything takes time and effort. Look at the current objectives you have and set smaller steps to tackle them. Why? Because many of us set huge goals that lack depth and clarity so cut them down! Simplify the journey to accomplishment into chunks. That way, you don’t end up stressing yourself along the way and actually reward yourself for smaller milestones leading up to the big end result.

Think Positively

As cheesy as it is, stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is on a different path so don’t compare the start of your journey to someone else who’s nearly completing theirs.

“Compete with yourself, not with others.” – Sophie Amoruso

Sure, down the line, certain goals become frustrating. Perhaps, due to the overwhelming nature of the goal or the fact that it’s not accomplished in the time frame you expected. Don’t beat yourself over it – it’s not your fault. There could be numerous amounts of reasons that contributed to this but remember, everything takes time.

You Time

Make sure to give yourself time to rejuvenate amongst the busy hustle of the world. It’s definitely not selfish to pause and look after yourself so by all means, give yourself a break when you feel that you need one. You don’t want to come out of the journey burnt out because you never stopped to reflect and let yourself rest.


When you can finally tick off a goal on the list, celebrate! No matter how big or small it was, put your feet up and treat yourself. You’ve worked hard towards something you’ve set yourself. You deserve this!

This ends our advice on goal setting! Keep your goals short and simple – don’t put more than necessary on your plate. Good luck and enjoy the new decade!