The black and white world of binary

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You go to the gym six or seven times a week or not at all. You’re eating kale and drinking turmeric lattes or smashing a KFC zinger box for the third time that week. It’s black and white, good and bad. You’re a passenger on the all or nothing train. As humans, we simplify for efficiency or to reduce that decision fatigue we face more and more every day. 

As a finance broker, I love being able to work with a vast array of clients, be it the fast food fanatics, the half marathon runners or both at once. My clients could be starting out their property journey, growing their property portfolio, amazing developers accelerating themselves by manufacturing creative value or clients decelerating towards retirement.

Whilst these clients differ in a lot of ways, broadly speaking the successful ones tend to share a common approach to tackling their goals.Their defining qualities aren’t necessarily generational (apart from millennials and their passion for avo on toast) and when I take a step back and look at them as a collective they all share a non-binary mindset. Human beings are complex and they’re flexible in the way they think, in order to get to their goal. In fact, all the greatest value creators I’ve met understand the largest tasks in life are built on consistency. Hand in hand with that comes some of my clients least favourite word: patience.

Maintaining consistency and having patience are really the solution to this binary lifestyle. Your diet isn’t healthy or not healthy, you simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. You manage your wealth, not focus on whether you have a house or not. You plan your finance and monitor its ebbs and flows rather than thinking ‘I have savings’ or not.

There are two types of people in the world, those who always think like this and those who DON’T! Just kidding. Remember that life isn’t about a concrete end result, it’s a black, white and shades of elephant grey journey. It’s non-binary.

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