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What is a vendor advocate?

Vendor advocacy or selling advisory, is essentially engaging an independent professional to help YOU make informed decisions, when selling a property.
Just as a mortgage broker, is a broker of banks, we are a broker of real estate agents. We assess your situation and find the agent that is best suited to your needs.
The best part is, there are NO FEES charged for all our clients.

Why use a vendor advocate?

The question should be, why not?
See below for how we can help.

The fact is, the market has changed and the success rate is falling. Many agents haven’t moved with the change and doing the same old same, resulting in unhappy clients and unsold properties.

Real estate agents

Finding the right agent for your property can be hard. Which is why we’re here to help. We find/deal and work with the agents, so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, some agents these days use sales tactics just to get your business. We thoroughly assess agents, so we can make an informed decision together on who the right agent is, along with the best marketing strategy and campaign for your property. Having the right agent could mean a 5-10% higher sale price.


Selling a property can be stressful. We take care of the heavy lifting, making it a less stressful experience for you. If there is less stress on you, you will be more focused when it comes to decision time and we can work through the process together from a much calmer space.


We understand that selling a property might be something you do once or twice a lifetime. So how can you expect to make an educated decision if it’s not something you do day-to-day. Property is something we do every day, having us on your side, will provide you with necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.


You might not have the time to interview agents, show them through the property or you might even be overseas. The time a listing is on the market is another major factor, and without a strategy this could mean the property stays on the market and becomes stale, which could be the worst thing to happen.

Sales commission

Negotiating the sales commission can be as hard as finding an agent. There are also many ways we can structure the commission to make sure you are getting the best deal. These structures will push the agent which could mean thousands of dollars in your back pocket.

How are there no fees for this service?

Because we share the work load with the selling agent, our service is covered by the selling agent’s fees.


Contact us today to help you to take a load off when selling your property.

How can we help?

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