Property Advocacy

We do property advocacy differently; the right way – with affordable, upfront fees and advice, combined with the uttermost attention.

We take the right amount of time to make the right decision for your livelihood. Because we’re good at ‘patient’ anddd.. slightly over protective. Must have something to do with our sheer size.

Here’s, how we help you make the right decision

What’s important to you now.

Making the right decision starts with understanding what’s important to you now; your lifestyle, your situation, as well as your life-long dreams. Whether you’re chasing your first, next or an investment property, together we’ll create a brief. A search criteria if you will, that zooms in on what’s realistically going to tick your happy boxes. Then the hunt begins.

We know Melbourne, well!

Do we know Melbourne well…! We spend our week ducking in and out of homes, placing mental stickers on the special stand outs. Working our connections, we also get access to off-the-market gems that you won’t find in your dot com searches. So, save yourself the hassle of the hunt and let us provide you with a list of properties that marry your brief.

Assurance has never been so reassuring.

This is when our expertise of the market and calculated approach kicks into third gear. Because we do this day in day out, we know what a home is worth. We also know how to stand our ground to ensure the right decision also comes with a smooth sale process. So, leave the back and forth to us; the experts. Assurance has never been so reassuring.

Sticking to a plan and budget.

Sticking to a plan when there’s an auction hammer and a heap of emotion is understandably no easy task, with the pressure of getting a big decision like this, right. We stand in the way of poor decisions, by buying on your behalf and eliminating any emotional price creep or sneaky salesman tactics. Saving you those hard-earned dollars for your deposit.

Upfront advice and the attentiveness you deserve.

But before we put your home on the market, we devise a succinct sales strategy. We interview agents to ensure we find the right person for role. We then manage them and the whole process, saving you time to focus on your next move. It really is the smart way to sell- with no upfront costs, just upfront advice and the attentiveness you deserve.

Property Advocacy
Buyer's Advocate Packages

Full Service

We handle the whole process from; strategy, to locating, to buying. Hassle free, the right way.

  • Strategy
  • Locate
  • Inspect
  • Evaluate
  • Negotiate
  • Buy


You love searching, we love helping. Let us take the stress away from negotiating, bidding and buying.

  • Strategy
  • Locate
  • Inspect
  • Evaluate
  • Negotiate
  • Buy
Property Advocacy
Selling and Developing


We devise the sales strategy, appoint the right agent to ensure the right outcome is achieved.

  • Strategise
  • Interview
  • Appoint
  • Manage
  • Sell
  • Settle


Developing property from the ground up. Let's work towards a successful project, from end to end.

  • Research
  • Feasibility
  • Finance
  • Acquire
  • Develop
  • Sell
None of the packages suits what you are looking for? We understand that everyone is different so let’s chat to create a custom memorable experience to making a sound property decision.

To keep things straight-forward, here are our services and pricing, all nicely packaged up.

  • Everything you need to know about Buyer’s Advocates as we also advocate for upfront, transparent information – to secure your dream home or investment.

  • End-to-end package: I just don’t have the time or confidence. I’d like you to handle the whole purchase process: from defining a strategy, locating, negotiating and buying.

  • Self-Search Package: I want to get my hands dirty, so I’ll do the search. But I’d like help on defining a strategynegotiating and buying.

  • I’d like you to devise a succinct sales strategy, interview agents to ensure we appoint the right person and manage them through the process to getting my property sold.