Your Roadmap Step 6 - Open Homes Guide

If you have reached this page, you found our hidden jungle treasure all our Roadmap downloadable tools.
We hope you are enjoying your property journey and the below tools are the way we advise clients to get the job done, correctly.

How will the Roadmap help you?


Like any jungle, there are full-on scary spots. But nothing is scary when you have an elephant behind you every step of the way. Our Roadmap will act as a guide and will shine the light on the importance of following a consistent process towards homeownership.


When purchasing your biggest asset, there is a lot of savings to be made. From the time spent looking in the wrong area, to the risk of over-valuing a property. The savings may not seem so clear until you are in it. So trust us, follow the jungle path our way. The right way.


Costly mistakes are ok when your buying fruit, not when you’re purchasing a home. This Roadmap will help you protect your deposit, your energy and your mind (all important things!). Protect you from a mistake, is almost as being there to help you in person.


Framing a picture is easy, framing the decision to purchase a home is a tad harder. By following a set of rules and tools will frame your decision and give it context. Context is ever so important, as we want to keep your mind on the critical factors.

So, whilst working around your busy schedule, let us save you the hassle of the hunt and secure you the right finance, for the right life-long asset.

All your Roadmap Step 6 Your First Inspection downloads in one stop, but if you are using our Roadmap, some of the links will take you directly to the required document.

  • The different sales methods you will encounter download.

  • A video on what a statement of information is – click here.

  • A video on what to look for, how to look at properties and floor plans – click here.

  • A video on using your PIC Before and while at open homes – click here.

  • 4 Questions for real estate agents download.